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No idea why we made the icon for this a road.
Selling your products and services via compelling writing, videos, social content, and more. Stories attract customers in 2014, not advertising.


This one is a globe because...ummm...
Creating a cohesive, unified message and visual identity across all your presences online, and one that matches who you are offline.


Because Facebook is the one everyone knows.
Connecting you with your current, past, and potential customers on the platforms that are right for your business, i.e. not all of them.


These icons are really feeling obvious now.
Conceiving, writing, filming, and editing online video content that works, from high-end commercial productions to simple video blogs.


This is a chart showing your sales going up.
Putting the nuts-and-bolts of selling your goods and services in place. Website structure, online ads, search engine optimization, shopping carts, and more.


If you have an idea for a new kind of spaceship, we believe you.
Figuring out how to take your idea from concept into reality. Nothing is too silly, or brilliant, or impossible to talk more about, and maybe take a stab at.


The dot is our world's most simple shape.
Cutting the complications out of your workflows, workspaces, and schedules. (Freebie: Haven’t touched it in 10 months? Throw it away.)


Yes, it's seriously a real thing we do.
Raising morale in your office without using some kind of contrived group activity or other such cheesy methods. Nobody will even know this happened. It just will.

Because you’re busy and we truly believe bullet points are the most effective way to quickly convey this type of info:

brian spaeth

  • My name is Brian Spaeth and I’m probably why you were referred here.
  • I’m pretty much the entirety of the company, although I use freelancers for some execution.
  • That means you’re working directly with me and getting my ideas, which again, is probably why you were referred here.
  • Past and current clients include everyone/everything from major book publishers to credit card processing companies to clothing lines to dentists to individuals trying to make their crazy (or sane) ideas into businesses.
  • No matter how much money you have to offer, I absolutely will not allow you to hire me if I don’t think I can actually help you.

  • I put on no airs, don’t use marketing buzzwords, can make selling online easier to understand than anyone else, and will probably wear a Captain America t-shirt to our first meeting.
  • I work with clients nationwide from my home in Cleveland, Ohio and get most all of my business via referral.
  • I believe you can market anything online, and as evidence, will present that I once made $14,000 in one month calling people and pretending to be a turtle.
  • You can contact me anytime via email or text.
  • I know this sounds super rude, but if you leave me a voicemail there’s a 99% chance I’ll never hear it, unless your name is Jeff.
  • I was going to put something else here, but I don’t want to waste your time including another bullet point just for the sake of lining up the amount of text in these two columns.

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